Founded in 2012, JBBL Architecture agency is a liberated company. JBBL is the result of an encounter and collaboration since 1999 between two individuals, two complementary philosophies: the old and the modern, the ornament and the space, the structure and the feeling.Our job is complete and complex. Through the project, the design of spaces and technique, we seek the balance point specific to each of our clients. We give shape to your needs, program and desires by combining structure, technique, space, light and budget to aesthetics. We design things to last. The harmonization of these elements gives birth to emotions, living spaces and workspaces.We coordinate a project from its conception to its realization, working on different scales, from the general project to the smallest detail, from the function to the decoration, from the building to the furniture. Each line is intentional: it is the answer to a specific question.Our activity is currently focused on individual and collective housing; and towards the renovation, development and decoration of “bistros”, “cafés”, restaurants and other businesses.



DPLG Architect
Graduated from ENSAPB in 1999
Associate since 2004

Julie graduated from École Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV) and École Nationale Supérieur d’Architecture Paris Belleville (ENSAPB) where she followed the teachings of Henri Ciriani. In 2009 she obtained a Master’s degree in wood architecture and timber construction at École Nationale Supérieur des Technologies et Industries du Bois (ENSTIB) of Epinal


DPLG Architect
Graduated from ENSAPB in 1999
Associate since 2004

Bruno first graduated from École Boulle in Paris, specializing in fine arts and crafts, applied arts, interior design and architecture. He then graduated from École Nationale Superieure d’Architecture Paris Belleville (ENSAPB) where he followed the teachings of Jacques Fredet, a specialist in the knowledge of the construction of old buildings and in the study of the spatial logics of composition


Architect (MArch)
Graduated from ENSAPVS in 2012
Collaborator since 2015

Clio graduated from École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris Val-de-Seine (ENSAPVS), where she followed the teachings of Frédéric Lefevre and Marie-Luce Bassil in the Societies, foresight and architecture department


Olivier DELANNOY, HMONP Architect
Lætitia DRI, Model Designer


Noémie LEDU, (MArch) Architect / 2015-2017